Feedback & Complaints

Thrive Community Services (Thrive) is committed to ensuring that any person or organisation using Thrive’s services or affected by its operations has the right to lodge a complaint, or to appeal a decision of Thrive, and to have their concerns addressed in ways that ensure access and equity, fairness, accountability and transparency.

Thrive embraces the opportunity to address complaints and prioritises enhancing client service relationships, improving service quality, and promoting continuous improvement when addressing complaints. Thrive acknowledges that complaints from individuals living with a disability require the utmost diligence and may require support to address:

  • Fear of retribution due to sharing their views and concerns
  • Previous negative experiences in sharing complaints
  • Possibly limited experience in asserting consumer rights
  • Access issues (such as communication barriers)

Thrive provides a complaints and appeals management system that:

  • Ensures complaints or appeals are fairly assessed and responded to promptly
  • Is procedurally fair and follows principles of natural justice
  • Complies with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Takes complaints seriously, valuing the opinions and feedback provided
  • Openly acknowledges that mistakes can happen and prioritises responses

Combined Feedback and Complaints form:

    Feedback & Complaints Form

Easy Read Forms:

    Feedback Form
    Complaints Form