Mental Health & Disability Supports

Our services are like no other, hence why everyone is talking about the Thrive difference.

By genuinely caring for, being interested in, and dedicated to enhancing the lives of our clients, their families, our staff, and community – we are able to make a significant and sustainable improvement to wellbeing.

We diligently manage the needs of our clients, staff, and programs - ensuring that the services we provide are person-centred and of the highest standard. 

We design, tailor, and deliver our services based on the holistic needs of individuals and the broader communities in which they live. 

We know how important it is to find a service which not only meets your needs, but provides you with the ongoing reassurance of continuity, consistency, compassion, and safety.

All Thrive’s members pride themselves on their transparency, accountability, and desire for excellence.

Our services are delivered in an empowering format, that comprehensively assists people in discovering their strengths, creates opportunities for people to achieve and be recognised, whilst nurturing development and recovery. Our support prices are all charged at the price limits set within the NDIS support catalogue (including any TTP fees). 

We Value You.

Our Mission

Here at Thrive we know that providing excellent care requires a diligent and consistent approach to maintaining our values and the ethical practices which support them.

We believe that our values are ever evolving as a result of our; clients’ views and experience, feedback and collaboration, and emerging industry best-practice.

Over the course of our combined journeys our team has an exemplary track record of refining our values; through professional and personal development, by exploring the values of others, and by listening to the environments and communities around us. 

Core Values

Our Values:

  • Respect for people and their communities 
  • Social justice, equity, and human rights
  • Sustainability, collaboration, and inclusion
  • Professional integrity

Links & relationships:

  • Our clients and the needs of the community 
  • The community, surrounding environment, resources, and needs of our clients and staff
  • Our employees, staff, stakeholders, teams, and surrounding networks

Whilst our values are at the core of our decision making and motivation, we know that relationships are the channel to support.
Thrive and its members proactively identify, explore, and strengthen, links and relationships.