Creating inclusive environments where people are inspired to Thrive.

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About Us

We are a contemporary organisation comprised of passionate, experienced, and qualified welfare professionals.

Thrive Community Services (Thrive) is founded on the principles of; respect, honesty, integrity, transparency, sustainability and excellence.

Our team has an extensive amount of experience and knowledge of the sector and its’ systems. On this journey we have learnt that there is nothing more important than listening and responding to the needs of our clients, their families, and our staff. 

We offer a range of boutique mental health, disability and youth services within the Hunter, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Central Coast communities. Thrive acknowledges, respects, and connects with the needs of these communities by; emphasising networks, collaboration, as well as the sharing of resources and skills.
At Thrive we indiscriminatorily aspire to promote wellbeing, and whole heartedly believe that to achieve sustainable change we must all work together in building the capacity of individuals, networks, and communities

Our support environments are unrivalled in their:

  • Therapeutic nature
  • capacity to respond to needs
  • Responsive flexibility
  • Ability to protect rights
  • Down to earth open nature

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